Add a touch of organic beauty with our range of natural fibre rugs

Natural fibre rugs are woven from strong fibres extracted from plants. Their mere visual appeal of natural textures, the organic beauty and their eco-friendly nature are more than sufficient reasons to add one to your home. But it provides even more benefits. 

They are durable and therefore a natural fit for high-traffic areas in your home and the diverse demands of family living. Due to their composition, they also add texture and an organic element to your interior design.

Whether you're opting for casually comfy or stylishly chic, our range of natural fibre rugs is extremely versatile and will enhance the visual appeal and mood of your space.

Durable natural fibre rugs to protect your floors

Our range of natural fibre rugs has a soft, natural feel. They are available in neutral shades or bold, vivid colours to liven up casual spaces in your kitchen, dining area or sunny nook. Whatever your preferences, we have a natural fibre rug to meet your home decor needs.

Natural fibre rugs are practical and tough wearing to protect your floors from scuffs, scrapes, and everyday foot traffic.

Shop our extensive range of natural fibre rugs that deliver on performance, visual appeal and stylish design. 

Order directly online from the selection displayed. It's never been simpler to shop natural fibre rugs online! Plus, we ship worldwide! All orders outside Australia are in USD. Shipping is free for orders over $1000 (terms and conditions apply).

Get some tips on how to style your natural fibre rug here

Bring a sustainable element to your interior

Natural fibre rugs are a must-have for an eco-friendly household and make beautiful organic home decor pieces.

Available in a wide variety of textures, colours, shapes, and styles, our natural fibre rugs will breathe new sustainable life into your living space.