All textiles will fade in steady and uninterrupted sun. Darker colours will be more susceptible to fading. We recommend rotating your rug frequently, to maintain its overall colour consistency, and to reduce damage caused by direct light. Prolonged sunbaking is bad for both humans and rugs . 


 To reduce pilling, pulling and loose/long threads in our rugs, make sure any vaccuming is not undertaken with a rotating or brush head vacuum cleaner. This will also keep your rugs weave in top condition, and lengthen its life. Pilling can occur if brush head vacuums are used.Any long threads that may have come to light after the settling of the rug can be trimmed neatly with scissors . If In doubt – please email and we can assist in directions. 


 Any spills should be swiftly blotted with a clean cloth. A cold water compress , with additional blotting should pull away any more spills. Do not rub the weave , in case friction causes any pilling of the area, or pushes stain further into weave.Please do not use any chemical cleaners that could damage the colour or texture of your rug. Cold water is always best. Do not dry clean your rug.Nano Spray, Micro Seal or Scotch guard can be performed on a vast majority of our weaves- for further info please email us.If in doubt – please contact us, or your local professional rug cleaner for advice. 


 Our hand selected natural fibres will likely have some shedding after weaving into your beautiful rug, over time this will stabilise. A good shake of the rug, or a routine vaccuming with a non motorised/brush head – will expedite this process, and eliminate any excess fibres.