Custom Commercial Rugs - Project Spotlight

Custom Commercial Rugs - Project Spotlight

CUSTOM. Centuria - Perth. Designer: Geyer/Valmont

We worked closely with the designers to match the brief in keeping Centuria offices looking on par with each other.

The 100% NZ wool rugs were inlayed to suit the busy foot traffic of this workplace. A flush surface reducing trip hazards and creating a seamless appearance. Perfect for commercial space design. 

These commercial rugs, in beautiful blue hues, reflected the amazing Perth water views and created a luxurious space for workers to enjoy daily.

Congratulation to the Geyer/Valmont teams.
Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. 
Reach out to us for any custom needs, or order a swatch of our handtufted wool rugs via our digital showroom. We have locations in AUS and USA - and worldwide shipping

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