The Importance of a GoodWeave License

The Importance of a GoodWeave License

Few things can be such a powerful addition to a room in your home like a rug. It easily affects the look and feel of the entire space, while providing a functional purpose. Rugs can add warmth and texture, making a room more inviting and comfortable. They can also create contrast or serve as an accent piece to highlight a certain furniture piece or wall colour.

But next time you are thinking about getting a new rug for your home, be sure to look out for the distinctive blue, gold and white logo of GoodWeave - certified to have been made without child labour.

Established in 1994, GoodWeave International has rescued more than 9,400 children from exploitation, provided more than 44,800 educational opportunities for children in need and reached more than 88,700 supply chain workers in 2022 alone. They are dedicated to putting a stop to child labour in carpet weaving communities all over the world.

The Importance For Retailers

The market for responsibly sourced products is growing and consumers are looking for retailers that champion these values. Consumers and governments increasingly demand transparency in production and practices free from exploitation. Having the GoodWeave label on your product clearly communicates that your business meets these market requirements and also that it takes a serious stance against forced child labour.

Goodweave certified Label - Ground Control Rugs

The Importance From a Consumer Perspective

The GoodWeave label ensures you add beauty to your home while helping a child with a better life. Children should enjoy the basic human rights of freedom, access to education and well, just being children! By supporting a label that addresses a system that exploits children, you are doing your part.

Purchasing a rug with the GoodWeave label also means the proceeds support programs that educate children and improve working conditions for adults and weaving families in producer communities.

Through customer support, GoodWeave creates market demand for certified products, monitoring supply chains, rescuing and educating child labourers, and providing critical services to weaving families.

Ground Control GoodWeave Accredited Rugs

As a GoodWeave licensed producer, Ground Control meets strict standards and agrees to random inspections. As our customer you can rest assured that your purchasing decision is making a real, positive impact.

Our customers want to know the story behind what they're buying; the GoodWeave label gives them a story they can feel good about!